Visit the best places in Tarifa

The coast of Tarifa is not only about beaches, it’s also about mountains, food, great weather, and a lively atmosphere. Discover all the secrets and wonderful places and corners that the southern Costa de la Luz hides. Get lost and be fascinated by these tourist attractions that you can’t miss



Natural Park of the Estrecho

A natural wonder that surrounds the coast of Tarifa from east to west. Countless landscapes, beaches, and forests await to be discovered. You cannot miss the best natural spots of unparalleled beauty.



Ruins of Baelo Claudia

Travel back in time with an impressive archaeological visit. Just a 15-minute drive from Camping Paloma, in the small village of Bolonia, you can discover one of the most visited Roman archaeological sites in Andalusia. Nowhere else on the Peninsula is it possible to gain such a comprehensive view of Roman urbanism. These unique archaeological remains are located at the foot of one of the best beaches in southern Spain.

A 15 minutos del camping


Taste their Gastronomy

The tapas bars, restaurants, and beach bars make the entire coast of Tarifa a culinary gem. Taste the typical tapas and seafood dishes of the region, such as fried fish and other seafood specialties. But Tarifa is not just about fish; the local meat is also of high quality. The pleasant climate and the unbeatable atmosphere of this southern area make dining out in its establishments even more enticing.