The foundation of our project is respect for nature, which encompasses the materials used in its production and the way the tents are created.

Teacampa tent

This wonderful common area is a hidden place in nature at TEACAMPA where you can relax and connect with nature. The filtered light through the canvas and the surrounding trees creates a fantastic and cozy natural atmosphere to blend in with the environment. It is a space where creativity and beauty manifest in every moment and activity. The TEACAMPA tent is a special place that invites relaxation and the exploration of new experiences.

Sustainable model

TEACAMPA is a philosophy, a way of thinking that prioritizes caring for nature above all else. Our commitment to sustainability is what drives us, and it is the only way we unite the present and the future.

Integrated into the environment.

In TEACAMPA, integration into the environment is one of our principles. We respect the natural space, its elements, and combine design, comfort, and sustainability. We invite you to relax and immerse yourself in the forests of Cadiz. Nature and you, TEACAMPA.