Activities in Tarifa

Discover the surroundings of Tarifa to the fullest! Here are a series of activities and opportunities that you can’t miss during your visit to the Tarifa coast.


The entire coast of Tarifa and the Costa de la Luz is a perfect location for engaging in water activities and sports. Experts and beginners alike are called to surf, kitesurf, or stand-up paddleboard in the waters of the Estrecho. Conquer the best waves that embrace the beaches of Tarifa and its surroundings. Turn your vacation into a constant aquatic adventure.


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We invite you to enjoy the best views of the Estrecho of Gibraltar while practicing rock climbing with total safety, accompanied at all times by professionals who will teach you the best techniques. This 4-hour activity is suitable for all types of tourists, children, and adults.

IN A GROUP: 50€ per person SEMIPRIVATE: 65€ per person PRIVATE: 95€ per person

Bike Routes

Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes of Tarifa and its surroundings while enjoying sports. With guided 2-hour bike routes, you will discover a wonderful southern world. You can choose to do this activity in open groups, small groups, or private groups. The choice is yours!

IN A FROUP: 50€ per person SEMIPRIVATE: 65€ per person PRIVATE: 90€ per person

Banana Boat Rides

Enjoy an incredibly fun experience with these rides on the water banana that goes along the coast of Tarifa. A 20-minute tourist itinerary riding on a towed banana. In small groups, you’ll be able to visit the best beaches in the area in a matter of minutes. It’s a refreshing and very exciting adventure.




Jet Skis

Fun and adrenaline come together in an experience you will remember for a lifetime. Spectacular beaches and sun await you on a journey aboard the best-equipped jet skis on the entire Tarifa coast. All this accompanied by professional guides who will teach you how to ride and handle them perfectly, and they will take you to the best corners and places to discover throughout the coastal area.



30 min: 80€ 60 min: 150€ 90 min: 220€

Boat Tour

Enjoy a perfect vacation spot. Discover all the corners and places of the coast with fast boat tours that explore the Tarifa coast. Relax and admire the coastal landscape that can be seen from the sea. Enjoy the sea breeze that combines with a spectacular summer climate on these boat tours through the waters of the Strait.


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